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We don't always have what you are looking for, but we want too. The following requests were received from visitors to our site.This list will be updated on a regular basis. If you tell us what you couldn't find, we will try to have it here for your next visit.
  • Ethernet, please. You have a great website, I really enjoy it. Perhaps a little more graphics." - Cambridge
  • "I have been searching the web for over a half an hour trying to find the invention of television. Now you would think that would be easy but..... How about putting it in your timeline."
  • "I have timeline report to do and i have looked everywhere and can not find info for the year of 1906 to the year of 1910. Can you please help me quickly!" - Jamestown, DE
  • "Do you know who invented disposable diaper. This is for a school project. Thank you." - Adam
  • "Would you kindly send me information about the can opener?" - Princenton, NJ
  • "Please, send me information about the "can opener", and its history. Thank you for your atention." - Guadalajara, México
  • "I am researching the invention and production and use etc. of the can opener in US and GB and any other country." - Netherlands
  • "I need an information about Erno Rubik and the Rubik's Cube for my report. Please help me!" - Edmonton, Canada
  • "I'm doing a report on the changes that occurred between the years 1869-1909. I would like to know what the main events, inventions, and changes were." - San Diego
  • "Info on the Light Bulb."  - Menlo Park
  • "I was hoping someone would be able to tell me when the microwave was invented." - Lesli
  • "I would like to know more about Earl Tupper." - Maria
  • "I need an invention or inventions that occured during the Kenndey , Ford, Bush and Clinton administratons." - Pittsburgh, PA
  • "Hello, I am looking for the inventor of the personal computer and any facts relating to where we are today." - Derry, NH
  • "My Inventor and Invention is not in. It is the material used in the Bullet proof vest. If you can please add it to your list. The Inventor is Stephanie Kwolek Kevlar". - Madison
  • "I would like to know by whom and when the wire coat hanger was invented." - King Ferry, NY
  • "How about the yo-yo and bubble gum." - J.M.
  • "I would like to know about inventions of washing machine and hair dryer.". - Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • My daughter is looking for information on the clothes washing machine and the refrigerator. Please include inventor's names." - Waco, TX
  • "Can you find information about the invention of: Cooling elements, refrigerator, freezer, ice maker.? 2- about washing machines?  We are doing a school work about inventions during this millennium." - Venezuela
  • "Need information on Kirby, inventor of vacuum cleaner for 6th grade project. Please give info or other web sites with the information. Any info will be appreciated." - Johnette, Florida, USA
  • "Do you know who invented brown paper bags. This is for a school project. Thank you." - Adam
  • "Who is the man who discovered the unit of electrical measure called the "Hertz" was it Gustav or Heinrich?" - Anonymous
  • "The inventor of liquid paper." - AOL
  • "Who invented the Fax machine?" - Germany
  • "Is there a grape flavor Life Saver?" - AOL
  • "Who invented the elevator?" - golf matters
  • "I want to know who invented the first smoke alarm or smoke detector?' - Trevor
  • "I'm reading a biography on Edwin Land, please include him." -
  • "Disposable diapers, Barbie, nylon stockings." -Houston
  • "You should add Henry Bessemer." - Forest City
  • "You should have George Washington Carver." - Winnie
  • "You don't have chocolate chips cookies nor cereal do you think it is possible for you to get this information?" - Miami
  • "I would like to request more kitchen appliances. such as, the ice box amd microwave oven." - Metuchen
  • "What about the ball point pen? Can you imagine class rooms today if every desk still had an ink well and every student was "armed" with a metal-tipped stylus?" - Redding, CA
  • "Please put up some info about Witcomb Judson!" - Barrie
  • "Information about the Electric Battery." - Foxboro
  • "How was chewing gum invented?" -   Perry Lake
  • "Shouldn't Einstien be Included on the list for innovators?" - Mechanicsville,VA
  • "What about the battery or Count Volta?" - Memphis
  If we haven't included your favorite invention or inventor, please let us know. We will try to have it here for your next visit.
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