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The Invention Facts are organized alphabetically by invention title. Pick any letter in this invention listing and you will find an array of interesting and revealing information.
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Cabbage Patch Kids Xavier Roberts
Camera, Kodak George Eastman
Can Opener Ezra Warner
Candy Bar Joseph Fry
Carbon Filament Louis Latimer
Carpet Sweeper Meville Bissell
Catheter, Balloon Thomas Fogarty
Cellophane Jacques Brandenberger
Cellophane Tape Dick Drew
Chemical Demulsifiers Melvin De Groote
Chewing Gum Thomas Adams
Christmas Lights Edward Johnson
Club, The James Winner
Clue Anthony E. Pratt
Coat Hanger Albert J. Parkhouse
Coca-Cola Dr. John S. Pemberton
Coffee Pot Benjamin Thompson
Computer Compiler Grace Hopper
Computer ENIAC John Mauchly and
J. Presper Eckert
Computer Gaming Sid Meier
Computer Mouse Douglas Engelbart
computer program Ada Lovelace
Cotton Gin Eli Whitney
Cracker Jack F.W. Rueckheim
Crayons Edward Binney and Harold Smith


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