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The Invention Facts are organized alphabetically by invention title. Pick any letter in this invention listing and you will find an array of interesting and revealing information.
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Magic Sponge Blocks Taylor Hernandez
Magnavox Odyssey Ralph Baer
Makin' Bacon Abigail Fleck
Mark I Computer Howard Aiken
Masking Tape Dick Drew
Mass Production Henry Ford
Matches Joshua Pusey
Mechanical Adding Machine Blaise Pascal
Mechanized Textile Loom Richard Arkwright
Microbiology Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Microprocessor Ted Hoff
Microwave Oven Percy LeBaron Spencer
Milk Carton John Van Wormer
Mixer Herbert Johnson
Mobile Phone Richard Frenkiel and Joel Engel
Modern Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright
Mona Lisa portrait Leonardo da Vinci
Monopoly Charles Darrow
Motorcycle Sylvester Roper
Mr. Potato Head George Lerner
multiplane camera Walt Disney
Multiplex Railway Telegraph Granville Woods
Multiplication Madness Jennifer Tuttle


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