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Fascinating facts about the invention of the iPod by Tony Fadell in 2001


The iPod originated with a business idea dreamed up by Tony Fadell, an independent inventor. Fadell's idea was to take an MP3 player, build a Napster music sale service to complement it, and build a company around it. Apple hired Fadell in early 2001 and assigned him a team of about 30 people, including designers, programmers and hardware engineers.
Invention: iPod in 2001
iPod image courtesy Apple Computer, Inc.
Function: noun / trademark / Internet Pod (Apple)
Definition: A portable device for downloading audio/video from the internet iTunes Web site  Manufactured by Apple Computer, inc.
Patent: 7,054,981 (US) issued May 30, 2006
Inventor: Tony Fadell
Tony Fadell portrait courtesy Apple Computer, Inc.
Criteria: First to invent. First practical.
Birth: 1969
Nationality: American


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