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Fascinating facts about H Ty Warner inventor of
Beanie Babies in 1993.

H Ty Warner
College (Kalamazoo College) dropout took job selling stuffed toys. Quit, started own line of stuffed cats, other animals. Hit pay dirt with Beanie Babies: understuffed animals affordably priced for those on an allowance with cute names.
Inventor: H Ty Warner
Photo courtesy Beanie Mania II book. (see below)
Birth: September 3, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois
Nationality: American
Invention: Beanie Babies, 1993
Tugs Beanie Baby
Function: noun / trademark
Definition: Small understuffed animals affordably priced for those on an allowance.with cute names that kids love.
Trademark: Reg. No. 2049196 issued April 1, 1997
1983 Starts a toy company making small stuffed animals.
1993 Names the small toys stuffed with plastic beans the Beanie Babies
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The Story:
Warner is believed to guard his privacy, he rarely grants media interviews and Ty Inc. does not even list its telephone number. Some speculate this is actually designed to increase interest in Beanie Babies as many websites speculate about every aspect of new product announcements and various details of Beanies.

There are only 100 shares in Ty Incorporated, a private company based in Westmont, Illinois and Ty Warner owns them all. That makes him an extremely rich man. How rich? No one really knows, but some estimates say he could be worth $6 billion. Ty's Beanie Baby empire is now bigger than the conventional toy giants Hasbro and Mattel combined. And that's official.

In 1983, he mortgaged a small flat he owned in Hinsdale, another suburb not fare from where he grew up, and founded Ty Incorporated. He hired two workers, Miss Nickels and Patricia Roche, who now heads the UK operation. And soon the Himalayan Cats, as he called his first toys, were
selling out in local shops. Warner's genius was to leave out some of the stuffing, to make the animals less stiff and more lifelike. Rivals sneered and jokingly called them 'roadkill.' Then he sold 30,000 at the Atlanta toy fair. By 1992 the Ty catalogue had grown to dozens of animals. But Warner was looking for something else, an appealing toy that children could buy with pocket money, something collectable and less than $5.00. Spot the dog, Squealer the pig, Patti the platypus, Cubbie the bear, Choclate the moose, Pinchers the lobster, Splash the killer whale, Legs the frog and Flash the dolphin: the 'original nine', as some collectors now call them, hit the shops of Chicago in 1994. The Beanie Baby was born.

Ty Warner is a generous philanthropist, with donations of $6 million to the Andre Agassi Foundation for underprivileged children in Las Vegas and $3 million for the creation of Ty Warner Park, $8M for the Ty Warner Sea Park in California and the gift of 10000 Beanie Babies for children in Iraq.


The Philanthropist   from The Great Idea Finder
History of Toys and Games   from The Great Idea Finder
Invention of Beanie Babies  from The Great Idea Finder

Beanie Mania II: The Complete Collector's Guide
by Becky Phillips, Becky Estenssoro / Hardcover: 180 pages / Dinomates Press; Col edition (1998)
This book has photos and descriptions of Beanie Babies, Teenie Beanies and Beanie Baby prototypes. It includes the complete history of Beanie Babies; an exclusive interview with Mr. H. Ty Warner, the creator of Beanie Babies; the author's Beanie Market Trend Analysis, with historical price charts and graphs; pages of information packed charts and checklists; articles on buying, selling and trading Beanies.


Official Home of ty
The company Web site with everything ty.
Worlds Richest People 2003
H Ty Warner , 59 , self made. Net worth $6 billion dollars.
About Ty Warner
In a stubby sleek smoked-glass office block in the suburbs of Chicago sits the richest toymaker of all time. From the Sunday Telegraph 18th July 1999
Who is Ty?
Ty, Inc. was started and is owned by Ty Warner. Ty's full name is H.Ty Warner. He was supposedly named after the baseball player Ty Cobb. The "H." represents no name
Beanies Babies Official Club
Contest, newsletters, forum, hard to find list and lots more.
Ask TY
Ask Ty is a new section that allows visitors to the website to submit questions to be asked to Ty Warner himself. About every week 5 questions are selected and posted, visitors get to vote on which question will be asked to Ty. Ty than answers that question.


  • The 'Billionaire Bear', created by Warner as a limited-edition 'thank you' for his workers to commemorate $1-billion sales last year, is now worth more than $2,000.
  • The Great Beanie Creator, who thrills them simply by 'dropping in' for a chat now and then on the Beanie Babies website.
Beanie Babies® is a trademark of TY® Inc.
Reference Sources in BOLD Type. This page revised April, 2005.

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