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Ancient BC Innovation Timeline
YEAR Milestone
500,000 Fire tamed by Homo erectus.
50,000 Homo sapiens (modern man) appears.
20,000 Invention of the bow and arrow.
12,000 Domestication of animals begins.
8000 Agriculture invented.
7000 Pottery.
6000 Weaving.
5000 Irrigation systems developed in the Middle East.
4000 First use of metals - copper smelted for making tools.
3500 Bronze, a hard copper tin alloy, discovered and used for making weapons, tools and armor.
Wheel appears in Mesopotamia
riting invented in Sumeria.
3000 Abacus invented by the Chinese.
2800 Egyptians devise the 12-month, 365-day calendar.
2737 Tea invented in China by Emperor Shen Nung
1550 Earliest surviving medical textbook written in Egypt.
1100 Iron Age starts.
700 First purpose-made sundials appear.
650 Standardized coins used by Greeks.
512 Chinese produce cast iron from blast furnaces.
510 Greeks produce the earliest surviving world map.
400 Two Greeks invent the catapult, the first artillery weapon.
312 Work begins on the Appian Way, the first great Roman road.
210 Archimedes, the Greek scientist, invents the Archimedean screw, for raising water, and works out the theory of levers.
100 Glassblowing invented in Syria.
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