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The National Inventors Hall of Fame
The National Inventors Hall of Fame celebrates the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of great inventors. The creative genius of invention is showcased through exhibits and presentations which allow visitors to experience the excitement of discovery, creativity, and imagination. By nurturing the inventive spirit, the National Inventors Hall of Fame is addressing the specific problems of declining technological leadership and creativity in America.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame promotes inventiveness and creativity throughout the United States through such programs as Camp Invention and the BFGoodrich Collegiate Inventors Program as well as video productions and nationally traveling exhibitions.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame is dedicated to the individuals who conceived the great technological advances which this nation fosters through its patent system. The purpose of The Hall is to honor these inventors and bring public recognition to them and their contributions to the nation's welfare.

Inventors selected for induction are honored annually at a ceremony held in Akron, Ohio. They are also honored at National Inventors Day activities at the Patent and Trademark Office in Arlington, Virginia. The day for these activities is on a weekend near February 11, the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison, the first Hall of Fame inductee.

The Hall of Fame was established in 1973 by the National Council of Patent Law Associations, now the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations, and the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States Department of Commerce.

National Inventors Hall of Fame
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