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SCENE IT Jr. - The DVD Game
If parents like the original Scene It? Game--the main requirement being an obsessive love of movies, TV, sports, and the like--it's a good bet their kids will like this Jr. version of the well-known game. Of course one learns new things from playing Scene It?--it's trivia--but the Jr. version emphasizes the engaging of memory, logic and knowledge skills to play successfully.
The objective is the same as the original game: answer the most trivia questions within a 30- or 60-minute period, using real DVD video clips as visual aids. There are up to 700 on-screen challenges, 480 trivia cards, and over 250 past and current pop stars featured in the game. The only things needed are an opponent (groups can play as two teams), a TV, and a DVD player--neither of which is included in the box.
By Diane Beall for
SCENE IT? Jr. The DVD Game
DVD Game / by Mattel / ASIN: B000221YP6 / SKN: 153422 / Less than $25.00
The DVD Game is an interactive board game with cool movie, music, TV and sports trivia that use real video clips! Use your memory skills, your logic and all you know about pop culture to race around the game board and win!

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