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Your host Phil Ament
Bookworm Deluxe!
The concept of Bookworm is simple. One needs to make words by linking adjacent letter tiles. The more complex the word and more difficult the letter, (z, x, q, like Scrabble), the higher the score. Short, or low scoring words, cause fires to start with letters at the top of the PC screen, the library wall. If a word is not formed from the burning tile letters before they reach the bottom, then the game explodes - kaput! The higher your score, the more burning tiles appear. Thus the level of difficulty increases. Also, the longer one plays a particular game, thus using up a variety of tiles, it becomes more difficult to find either vowels or consonants. Scoring then becomes even more difficult.
Bookworm Deluxe!
Computer / by Activision /
Windows XP / DVD / ASIN: B0007UQ0O8 / Less than $20.00 / Ages 6+
Lex the BookWorm feeds on words. Feed him by linking letters to form words and he'll feed you big points! Lex is a hungry guy, though, feed him to many short words and he'll send down burning letters that could set the entire library on fire!
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