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Your host Phil Ament
Rechargeable Candles
Decorate your windows, holiday dinner table, or the front walkway with the warm glow of candles that won’t blow out, won’t create a fire hazard, or will not have to be replaced after a few hours. A 16-hour charge provides five hours of luminous glow without the flames, smoke, or spilled wax of traditional candles. Though subtle enough to provide light for evening dinner parties or reading in bed, the candles are durable enough for use outside on a patio, deck, or to light a garden pathway. The candles can also be a useful tool for blackouts, children’s night lights, or checking on a sleeping child without turning on lights. Rechargeable Candles
The SafeCharge™ system has no exposed connections—simply place a candle in the base cradle to begin charging, then pick it up from the cradle to turn it on. Easy to use, the magnetic charging technology automatically turns off the light when the candle is returned to its recharging cradle so there are never any switches to activate. Each candle has a battery that provides 1,000 use cycles for three years of daily use. When a candle needs to be recharged it will begin flickering softly. Set of four with one recharging cradle. The recharging cradle plugs into a standard household outlet.
Item 66121
Rechargeable Candles ................... $74.95

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