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Your host Phil Ament
Tot Lok starter set Harnessing the invisible power of magnets, this Tot Lok starter set provides an effective way to keep your baby or toddler from opening cabinet doors and drawers. The set comes with two latches that can be installed on the inside of doors and drawers that measure between 0.5 inch thick to over 1.5 inches thick, along with one magnetic key that will open either latch when it is placed against the front of the door where the latches are mounted.
Each latch is also equipped with a lever that can be flipped to disengage the lock so you can use the door or drawer normally. The system works well and has the added advantage of being completely hidden from view, but it requires that parents keep the key in a safe place where it won't be misplaced or lost. The Tot Lok starter set comes with mounting instructions and a template to aid in installation.
Tot Lok Starter Set
Home / by Safety 1st / ASIN: B0000488W1 / Less than $12.00
Click here to check on availability at and Babies R Us.
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