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2006 Chevrolet HHR
The HHR is being primarily designed by Bryan Nesbitt -- the guy who designed Chrysler's PT Cruiser, but is now Chief Designer for Chevrolet (he is just 34 years young, by the way). It is supposed to be powered by an Ecotec four-cylinder engine, with a supercharged variant as a possibility. Essentially, GM is making their version of what a PT cruiser is supposed to be... only bigger.

General Motors Newsroom - December 24, 2004

It looks almost identical to earlier sketches and spy shots. As Iím sure weíre all aware this is Chevroletís hope of unseating the PT Cruiser as king of the retro wagons. Iím actually liking the design the more I look at it and the new platform should outperform the current PT in every way.

The HHR is front-wheel drive (based off the Cobalt) and will offer the two normally aspirated Ecotec four cylinder engines: a 140 hp 2.2 and a 170 hp 2.4. 5-speed manual and 4-speed auto will be offered. A remote starter will come standard with the automatic trans.

The HHR will be available in LS and LT trim levels. Standard equipment includes AC, power windows and locks, six-speaker CD stereo and remote keyless entry. Options will include a Pioneer stereo with subwoofer, lager power sunroof, power driverís seat, leather, MP3 player and side curtain airbags. Four-wheel drive is not an option (why does that sound like a threat?).

Base models will have 16-inch wheels and the LTs will upgrade to 17ís and sportier suspension tuning. ABS and traction control will be optional on base, but standard on uplevel models.

The front passenger seat folds flat along with the 60/40 rear seat back to create a long load floor. With everything folded, the HHR has 63.1 cu. Ft of cargo space, a little less than the PT. The load floor can be elevated and become a shelf. It also hides a 5 inch-deep storage bin.

IMAGE CREDITS - General Motors Corporation

Click here to check on availability at Chevrolet

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