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Stretching: 20th Anniversary Edtion
by Bob Anderson, Jean Anderson (Illustrator)
This is the book that people tell their friends about, that trainers recommend for virtually every sport and activity, and that medical professionals recommend to people just starting to get back in shape.
Lots of the original ideas have been called into question, including the preeminence of aerobic exercise. But flexibility is bigger than ever; Pilates and yoga are two of the fastest-growing fitness programs in the U.S.  The type of stretching Anderson recommends- -called "static," meaning you sit in one place and hold the stretch for a specified amount of time--isn't exactly trendy, but it remains the most accessible way for entry-level exercisers to improve their flexibility.
Stretching: 20th Anniversary Edtion Book Cover
Or, perhaps more important, to keep from losing whatever flexibility they have as they get older. Some of the simple drawings by Anderson's wife, Jean, have been updated to show athletes in sport-specific outfits doing stretching routines, and there are more routines than before. The new edition includes routines for children, stretches to do in front of the TV, and some exercises to do before and after gardening. He's also created routines for sports that barely existed in 1980, such as snowboarding, triathloning, and inline skating. The constant in Stretching is ease of use. Anderson doesn't need a lot of complex explanations because the drawings are so easy to follow. He makes it clear that stretching should make you feel better, not worse, and that it's not a competition. Any little bit you can do is better than not doing anything. That's a timeless message, which is why his book has been such an valuable reference for the past 20 years.
Stretching: 20th Anniversary Edition
Book / by Bob Anderson, Jean Anderson (Illustrator) / Paperback - 223 pages (2000) / Shelter Pubns;
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Original: March 4th, 2002
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