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Zip Zaps - Pocket-Sized Radio Control Racers
ZipZaps are free-wheelin', tire-squealin', rubber-peelin' pocket-sized racers. With a few minutes of fine tuning and about a minute zap on the charger, your ZipZaps is ready to roll!
Zip Zaps RC PT Cruiser From LA to NY, people are tuning, customizing and racing these remote-controlled speedsters. Starter Kits come with everything you need to build your ZipZaps, and Upgrade Kits and Body Kits let you make it your own. From motors to body tops to tires & hubcaps, all ZipZaps have fully interchangeable parts. With a little tuning, your competition won't know what blew past 'em!

Smoke 'em on the straightaway, or build your own track to flex your drifting-and-drafting muscles. If you're into fine-tuned, red-lining, precision driving, these little cars kick some serious asphalt!

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