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Roladisc Double CD Storage
Solid oak home CD storage unit files up to 200 CD's in "roladisc" fashion. Available in black or natural oak color, the Roladisc Double comes with dividers and category headers for personalizing and organizing music and/or software.
Detachable sleeves clip in and out of all cdProjects home units and portable carry cases, for safe and easy transport between uses. The oak roladisc also features cdProjects' patentented double-sided BubbleSleeves, which are designed to   reduce contact between the delicate CD surface and storage sleeves by 50%, thus protecting them from dangerous dirt and dust. Like all cdProjects products, the Roladisc Double is guaranteed for life.
Roladisc Double RDO200
Home Storage / by Targus / Less than $70.00
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