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7am Live News Ticker (FREE)
The Net already has a large, and growing number of sites that specialize in News. Yet, this new news service from 7am News,  became the world's most widely syndicated web-based news service within just 12 months of their launch. 7am is not just another News site. Thanks to clever marketing and a commitment to quality, they deliver the news to Net users almost 30 million times per month.

Innovation is the key. They have focused, not on following but on leading. There success is, at least in part, due to an intimate understanding of the Net as a technology and a culture. Back in May 1998, they realized that the average Net user was looking for the fast-food version of news, and built an incredibly successful strategy based on that premise. They invented a new paradigm they call Push to PageTM that represents much of what's good about push but without many of the disadvantages. Instead of pushing the content all the way to a user's PC, they push it only as far as your Web page.

Creating a Web page that is constantly updated with the latest topical information is an onerous task, usually beyond the finances and resources of all but the most dedicated. 7am News is applying itself to the task of providing other people's Web pages with exactly that type of content, delivered fresh, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week thanks to Push to PageTM technology. The first example of this technology is the 7am Live News Ticker which delivers a range of channels including the latest news headlines and links direct to your Web page.

If you see a story headline that interests you, click on the ticker and be taken to the full story.
This is what the 7am Live News Ticker would look like on your site. The applet code behind the scenes is only about 4 lines and its free too. You select the services you want, such as world news or USA news, USA sports, Internet news, etc. Advertising is added to the ticker and that's what allows them to offer it for free. It is easy to install and can be customized to have your own messages displayed at your site or even on your personal pages.
Below is a ticker with sports, world news and special content from The Great Idea Finder.
Phil Ament (2K) News ticker brought to you by The Great Idea Finder
7 am News on the Net
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