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Personal Television
Philips TiVo
HDR112 Personal TV Receiver (5K)
"Our investment in TiVo reflects our commitment to Personal TV in general, a category which we think will fundamentally change the way people view television," said Roel Pieper, executive vice-president of Philips. "Research suggests that consumers want a more personal and convenient viewing experience. After reviewing the various alternatives, we selected TiVo because it delivers the best solution available today for the delivery of Personal TV content and services. The TiVo service is as easy-to-use as pushing a button on your remote control."

Philips calls it a TiVolution. We call it digital time shifting without the hassles of buying blank VHS tapes and fiddling with the complicated program modes of a VCR.

Unlike analog VCRs, Philips' HDR112 receiver/server encodes and decodes in the digital domain and stores compressed audio-video data to a computer hard disk. When you're ready to watch a preselected program, the HDR112 retrieves it upon command from a list of shows you've recorded. The most revolutionary aspect of Philips' server, however, is the ability to pause live broadcasts and either resume the program where you left off or return to the broadcast.

Designed to put the consumer in control of their television experience, Personal TV offers viewers the ability to watch what they want, when they want as well as give them the ability to pause live television. With the TiVo service, the viewer can record their weekly favorites using a season pass and rate what they enjoy watching using a simple 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' on the remote control.

Based on the viewer's ratings, TiVo searches through more than 100,000 programs that are broadcast each week, uniquely recording favorite programs and making recommendations on other programs of interest.

At the same time, Personal TV will also create new opportunities in the area of E-commerce through a television portal. By creating a direct link with viewers, the Personal TV will make it possible for consumers to make purchase decisions or learn more about specific products directly via their television. Personal TV can add a new level of interactivity and ease-of-use to home shopping applications.

"Philips' partnering with TiVo brings the power of a worldwide brand leader to the delivery of this revolutionary new service," said Mike Ramsay, founder and CEO of TiVo . "Philips is a leader in the innovation and delivery of new technologies. Knowing that TiVo is backed by one of the largest consumer electronic manufacturers in the world secures the position of the Personal Television category."

Philips TiVo
Model: HDR112 Personal TV Receiver
Philips TiVo
Electronics / Philips / ASIN B00002SWUE / Less than $100.00
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