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Your host Phil Ament
z-avanti.jpg (17310 bytes) In keeping with Avanti tradition, the Fiberglas body, the leather interior and all the other trimmings will be assembled by hand, while the guts of the car will be a souped-up Corvette engine and updated suspension system. 
For nearly 40 years, sports car enthusiasts have adored the Avanti, a smooth, stylish coupe that has always turned heads but rarely turned a profit. Introduced by Studebaker a year before the automaker went out of business in 1963, Avanti Motor Corp., formed in 1964 after Studebaker's demise, continued production of the car until it went bankrupt in 1985. The following year, New Avanti Motor Corp. formed and resumed production, first in South Bend, Ind., and then in Youngstown Ohio, where the last line of Avantis was produced in 1991. It is estimated that around 8,100 Avantis have been made since its introduction in 1963, with about 6,000 still running.  New Avantis are about to hit the road again, this time from a small factory west of Atlanta.
Avanti Motors Corporation
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