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SimCity 3000 Unlimited
Create and control your urban empire with more power than ever. Expand your SimCities with new customizable terrain and hundreds of new buildings, including two new building sets from Asia and Europe. Inflict four new disasters (plague of locusts, toxic cloud, space junk, and a whirlpool) on your citizens. Take on 13 challenging scenarios, from reuniting East and West Berlin to rebuilding in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. Or, create your own scenarios with the SimCity Scenario Creator. p-simcitybox.jpg (10329 bytes)
SimCity 3000 is back, and it's bigger than ever! Maxis pulled out all the stops for this new version of the best-selling game, adding enough new customized graphics to re-create cities from around the world. The new European and Asian building sets serve up hundreds of new buildings that match the architecture of these diverse environments. From the Great Wall to the Berlin Wall, it's in there. Of course, you can still mix and match--freedom to run a city as you choose has always been the name of this game.

No addition to the SimCity family would be complete without some new methods for destroying your creations, and SimCity 3000 Unlimited has four more devastating disasters than the old version. You can re-create the movie Armageddon by unleashing large chunks of flaming space debris, smite your populace with a buzzing swarm of locusts, destroy seaports and coastal developments with a whirlpool, or uncork some toxic clouds.

The Building Architect, formerly available as a free download, is now packed on the CD-ROM. This 3-D architectural program lets users create the buildings of their dreams, from dilapidated outhouses to towering skyscrapers to works of modern art that are intended for pure decoration. Don't worry if you don't feel like using this powerful tool to create things yourself--the game comes with dozens of new ways to make your cities unique, and you can always head to the SimCity Exchange to download imaginative add-ons created by other users. The infinite expandability and infinite replayability of this game should keep would-be mayors completely occupied until they move to the suburbs of The Sims.

  • All-new Asian and European building sets with hundreds of new buildings to choose from
  • 13 challenging scenarios or create your own custom, goal-based adventure
  • 4 new disasters to inflict: plague of locusts, toxic cloud, space junk, and a whirlpool
  • 23 new landmarks: Helsinki Cathedral, Japan's Himeji Castle, and more
  • Customizable terrain with scores of new options, such as snow, rolling hills, and a desert

Platform:    Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me

SimCity 3000 Unlimited
Electronic Arts / ASIN:B00004T1M7 / Less than $30.00

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Original: January 5th, 2001
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