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The best ideas are the ones that flourish and become reality! Can't always find what you want or need. Tell the world and maybe someone will invent it for you. See if others have wished for the same thing. A list of wished for consumer products submitted by visitors to the TGIF site. You can even add your wish to the list.

I WISH for engineered grass that grows to a limited height and does not need to be cut. - Visitor from Downers Grove, IL
I WISH That a 1 inch deap device that you could hang on the wall, that you could talk into. This would have the time, memo's,shopping lists and notes to others as well as a combo of pc and TV. - Visitor from Lakeland, FL
I WISH for a video recorder that adjusts the clock depending on the Time Zone that it is in. Visitor from Downers Grove, IL
I WISH for a device to built into the TV and its remote such that you could push a button on the TV and a sound would come from the remote so you could find it. Similar to the page feature of most wireless phones. Visitor from Washington
I WISH someone would invent a 2 wheel drive bicycle for all of us extreme bikers out there.
I WISH there were a 2-in-1 table that works like a computer table and a desk. It should be space saving with small rooms in mind. - Visitor from Singapore
I WISH someone would make an alarm clock that would spray water on you so that you would wake up at the time desired. - Visitor Ken
I WISH I could find a supplier of a pants stretcher....a simple device on which to dry and stretch laundered khakis so that they dry with a crease. Visitor from Geneva, NY
I WISH someone made fog-proof glass for my car or clear defogging wires, possibly out of tin oxide or other clear electrical conductors. Visitor Stallings
I WISH that just for a novelty item would be invented that for the adamant smoker a filter could be inserted onto the end of the cigarette filter and each time he/she inhales the filter would play some sort of music such as the "Funeral Dirge", or "I'm going to live forever", or "On top of old Smokey". - Visitor from Honolulu, Hawaii
I WISH that someone would invent a magnetic propulsion engine that would match the earth's magnetic poles. It would match the like pole thereby repelling itself from the earth making space travel easier, transportation easier, etc, etc. - Visitor Jody
I WISH that water could be used as fuel, instead of oil. - Visitor James
I WISH someone made a camera that is attached to your computer and it can take a picture and send through the wires of the computer and memory and it will be in your files (instead of a scanner). Thanks and please invent! - Visitor from Chelsea, AL
I WISH someone invent a player for MP3 and wave together without having to use the PC. - Visitor from Gironico, Italy
I WISH that there was a device that could accelerate the growth of anything, at any time, and be able to stop the acceleration and reverse the effects, too. - Visitor from Prairie Village, Kansas
I WISH someone would invent a device that would get the leaves and pine-straw OFF my dogs and cats when they come inside after roaming outdoors...I' m tired of sweeping up after them 5 times a day, they refuse to wipe their feet before reentering the house - Visitor from Chelsea, AL
I WISH That there was an electronic wall calendar that I could hang in my kitchen that could be programmed with important dates. You could write on it with a special pen and erase with a button. Also it would come in different colors to match your decor. It could also have a screen that would hold your shopping list. - Visitor from Livonia, MI
I WISH that someone wold invent something for people who has to wear aclostimie bags.You can't take a bath or even go swimming. you can't get the bag wet. If hope there is someone out there that is willing to help me invent something to cover the bag. - Visitor from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
I WISH someone would invent a car that could go underwater, fly, and still be able to drive on the road. -  Visitor from Wesley Chapel, Florida
I WISH someone would invent a lighted, activity board for toddlers in a car seat. If you commute to and from work with a frightened child in the back seat, will know exactly what I am talking about. Having gone on a trip with my granddaughter, Sarah, I know this would be great. - Visitor from Franklin, Pennsylvania
I WISH for 12 volt electric impact wrench packed with a hydraulic jack [for the automobile] . The jack should be powered by the impact wrench and both could be pre-packed in a hard sided carrying case with 12 volt light; and a 3 X multiplier outlet plug-in. Probably should throw in a couple of collapsible wheel chocks or molded wheel chocks that perfectly fit in the case. - Visitor from Howell, Michigan.
I WISH someone would devise a tool for us baby-boomers, and handicapped individuals who cannot get on our knees to clean mop-boards and moldings! My husband has made such a homemade device, by taking a wooden handle about 14" long and taping a stiff denture brush on the end. It is ideal for me, but a telescoping handle would be better. Also, other attachments would be nice, such as various sponges. - Visitor Wendy.
I WISH I could buy a memory TV which stores in its memory all the programs received in the last 24 hours so that if I missed something I can rewind and watch it.A simple memory device within the set would do.I will then not have to remember to record my favorite program on video .- Visitor from Kenya.
I WISH that when your vehicle is being hijacked at gunpoint  that as soon as you leave your vehicle there should be a device that comes into effect, activating a smoke filled vehicle. Forcing the thief to abandon the vehicle due to no visibility. - Visitor from South Africa.
I WISH the windows in my car would be tinted variably with a dimmer switch (from absolutely clear to opaque). Clear for night driving, mirrored from the outside to keep the car cool on hot summer days.
I WISH there was an easy hang-up device that gives messages to and hangs up, politely of course, on solicitors who call every hour of every day. - Visitor from Illinois.
I WISH someone will invent a machine that you throw your washing in, to come out on the other side dry, sorted, ironed and neatly packed.  Received from two visitors. Must be a problem!
I WISH that someone would invent a pen and pencil that would be put together and instead of two it would be one. Last a long time, what a  great deal! - Visitor Jen 
I WISH for a pants stretcher/drier like the ones we used when I was a kid. It was a metal frame that could be inserted into the legs of our just-watched jeans and then hung up. It helped the jeans dry faster, with fewer wrinkles and little or no shrinking. - Visitor from New York
If you didn't find it here, then tell us what consumer product you wish were available. You can enter a wish here.
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